Pyramid Spelling

1.  In Word, select “Spelling”*  style.  Your style setting is generally on "Normal."

* Note:  If your computer is not set up with a style for Spelling, go to Format, Style, and click on New.  In the Style box, enter Spelling. Click on Format, Font, and select and legible font and size.  Click OK.  Click on Format, Paragraph, and set align at center.

 2.  To set columns, go to Format, then click on columns.

3.  Select 2, 3, or 4 columns, depending upon the number of spelling words.  Then click OK.


 4.  Your computer is now set up on Spelling style and columns.

 5.  For the spelling activity, students first  begin a new Word Document.  They enter their name and begin writing the spelling words.  Then enter the first letter of the word, hit enter, enter the first two letters of the word, hit enter.  Add the next three letters of the word, then hit enter.  Continue until the words are       done.  Should print on one page.

Copyright© 2001. Barbara K. Barr.  All Rights Reserved.