Kentucky Derby Scavenger Hunt

2006 updated

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1.  Can you get a ticket to this year's Kentucky Derby?  ____________  

2.  What can a ticket cost?  ____________________

3.  In Derby language, what does "washy"  mean?  ____________________

4.  Find another word and give its meaning that you think is interesting.


5.  Of the Probable Starters for this year,

Name the horse with the highest earnings? _________________

How much?    ______________________

Name of second highest earnings?    ______________________   

How much?    ______________________

Name of lowest earnings?    ______________________

How much?    ______________________

What is the difference between the highest and second highest?  

(Use your computer calculator)  ________________

(For most computers go to Start, Program, Accessories, Calculator)

What is the difference between the highest and lowest?  

(Use your computer calculator)   ______________________


6.  What year was the first network television broadcast of a Derby, 

originating from CBS affiliate WHAS?  _________________

Hint:  You'll have to click one more time to find the exact year.


7. Define jockey.___________________________________________________________

8. Who was the first woman to ride in the derby and when?  ___________________________


9.  When and where was the first horse race course in Kentucky?  ______________________

Sometimes information differs... Check this site as well. (check around central KY.) ______________________________

10.  When was the first Derby race at Churchill Downs (Where it is today.) _______________

11.  Create a timeline using the dates found for this activity.  The timeline should end with the date of this year's Derby date.  Write the timeline then create a timeline using word processing or any Timeline soft ware you choose.  Click here for an Excel Time Line Example.  Print the Excel and tape together or Print to one page for a microscope view.  Each cell represents 1 year.

**Bonus:  Name Famous African American Jockeys that born, lived or died near Lexington or in Fayette County.

___________________________   ______________________    ___________________________

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Created by Joy Lynn Cox Buckingham