Internet Rock Scavenger Hunt


You can collect rocks from the Internet.  Go on a scavenger hunt and collect rocks.


Here is your worksheet.  Click on it to download it.  Rock Hunt Word worksheet


Here is your list of rocks to find for the Scavenger Hunt.  Good luck!

1.     granite

2.     sandstone

3.     coal

4.     diamond

5.     marble

6.  A rock or mineral with the color red

7.  A rock or mineral with 3 different colors

8.  A rock or mineral that looks like it is made in layers

9.  An igneous rock

10. A sedimentary rock

11. A metamorphic rock.


Here are the list of sites for you to search for your rocks: Rocks

More Rocks

Atlas of Rocks








Sorry, not allowed below this line until you finish the Rock Scavenger Hunt.





Some things to do when you finish with your scavenger hunt.

  1. "Who am I?"  How many of these rocks can you identify.

  2. Work with a partner to make a power point showing the rocks with a written description.

Other resources for Rocks


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