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Tools for Planning


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*FCPS Curriculum Map


Combined Curriculum


*FCPS Curriculum Map with Technology Ideas


The following are word documents

*Lesson Plan Template

formatted by KTIP guidelines (1999-2000)

(I used this for my KDE Extended Education Option for Rank 1)



*Weekly Lesson Plan Sheet


*Daily Lesson Plan Sheet


*Brief Weekly


*Plan Sheet

Activity Planning Sheet

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*Teacher Assessments and Rubrics


*Suggested Assessment Techniques


*Generic Rubric 

for Primary Grades


*Other Rubrics 


*KDE Released Items


*Texas Released Items

has online interactive test


*Virginia Released Items


*Washington Released Items


*Michigan Released Items


*Missouri Released Items


*Other state assessment links




















*Clark County


*McCracken County


*Hopkins County


*Henderson County



*Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs 1


*Verbs, Sample Question, activities, products  


*Joy's collection

*Kenton County Smartboard

*Pete's Powerpoints

*Wizig PPTs