Checking the Proxy Settings

  1. Check to make sure your device can access the internet.  Turn on the device in the cradle. 

  2. Click on "start" and then select "settings" from the menu. 

  3. Click on the tab that says, "connections". 

  4. Click on "Connections". 

  5. Click on "edit my proxy server" (At this point, if you do not have these buttons on your handheld device, contact your technician or STC.  Chance are that your handheld device does not contain a network card.)

  6. Make sure the box that reads "This network connects to the Internet" is checked. 

  7. Make sure the box that reads "This network uses a proxy server to connect to the internet" is checked. 

  8. On your computer, open your internet browser. 

  9. Click on "tools" and then "internet options".

  10. Click on the tab that says, "connections". 

  11. Click on "LAN settings"  The proxy address  listed on the computer should match the proxy address listed on the handheld.  If not, change the address on the handheld to match the computer.

  12. On the handheld, click "advanced".  Make sure the HTTP setting has the same proxy address and port number as your computer.