Regions of the United States

A Student to Student
 E-Communication Project

What better way for students to learn about the different regions of the United States than from each other.  Classes participating will use our forums to talk about similarities and differences between the regions.  Students will become the "expert" on their region, teaching others in their group about where they live!  Interested in Participating?  Have Questions?  Feel free to e-mail me.
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New This Year!  Blogging our Forum!  Students can participate in the project using our forums, blog or both! 



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Integrated Unit for Regions


Middle Western States


What's Your Region Really Like?


Southwestern States




Smart Board Activities/Templates


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Southeastern Regions

Animated Atlas- The Growth of a Nation

American Road trip









Facts about the States


Regions of the United States- Information



Project Outline

Week 1:  Introductions

Place a map of the US somewhere in your classroom for the project.  Download the Travel Guide (pdf file) student activity and copy enough for each student in your class.

Using the blog, have your class tell others in the project these things: 

Name of their Region

Name of their State

Name of their city

Name of their school

After gathering the information, find the city and state on the map.  You may want to label the map with the school name.

Week 2:My Region- Landforms, Water and Climate

Have the students research major bodies of water, landforms and describe the climate in the regions that they live in.  Share the information that you find in the blog.  Have students record what they learn about the other regions in their Travel Guide.


Week 3: My Region- Economy, History and Culture

Have the students research major industries, agricultural products produced or tourist attractions in their region.  Have the students research major historical events from their region as well as cultures differences. Share the information found in the blog.  Have students record what they learn about the other regions in their Travel Guide.


Week 4: My Regions- Culminating Activity and Video Conference

Have students end the project with a culminating activity.  You could have students create a brochure highlighting information they have learned from the project.  Students could also create posters, Power Points, create a song, or  movies of their region. Have your students share what they did for their culminating activity in the blog.  We will end the project with a video conference connecting all participants.


After the project is over, students and classes can continue to communicate using our blogs and forums for the rest of the school year.  Students always enjoy discussing literature and school activities.