Spreadsheet Activities

The following links are examples of lessons using spreadsheets.  If you would like to create your own or would like my help in teaching one of these lessons in your class, let me know.

Directions for creating a pictogram with Excel  (.pdf file) Spreadsheet lesson ideas for everyday math
Creating Self Checking Worksheets  Teacher Resources for Excel
Do Vampires Really Exist?  Students use spreadsheet to show exponential growth and mathematically disprove the existence of vampires.  Here is the student worksheet as a .pdf file and a finished sample Spreadsheet. 12 Days of Middle School uses a variation on the song 12 Days of Christmas for students to use basic formulas in a spreadsheet (example).  Also check out this lesson using Pascal's Triangle and the 12 Days song.
Code Crackers Math Game
Students get to work with math operations and simple algebraic equations.
No Flakes Like Snowflakes!
Where math, science, and art come together.  Study the symmetry of snowflakes.
Exploring Mean, Median and Mode with a Spreadsheet Human Genetics Project student directions and spreadsheet template.
It's All in the (Chocolate) Chips  Investigating the chocolate quotient of your favorite cookie. It's ELEMENT-ary a spreadsheet lesson comparing elements from the periodic table
Budget or Bust! for Fine Arts and Math
Students will use background provided by two articles to help them plan and develop their own budget for a one-night performance of a Broadway play.
Doctors as Detectives for Health, LA, Science
Students consider the investigative and detective work that goes into disease control. They then research specific diseases and simulate a doctor-patient diagnosis situation.
Art for Sale WebQuest M & M's Spreadsheet Lesson 
ABC to Excel A Portrait of Americans for Social Studies
How old are you on Neptune? Musical Modes



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