A WebQuest for Ms. Weaver's Science Classes at Leestown Math, Science, Technology Magnet
Designed by Kim Overstreet
District Technology Resource Teacher



"When will I ever have to use this?"  That's a question that many students find themselves asking at some point in their schooling.  This webquest is designed to help you find careers that use science.  You will identify the careers, find out what kind of education you need, and perhaps even correspond with a person who currently has that job.


Your task is to choose a career and investigate that career.  You will gather information on that career and then put all the information together in a presentation that you will give to the class.  This presentation can be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, an oral report, or a brochure on that career.


Visit Career Zone and look under the headings Natural and Agricultural SciencesEngineering and Technology, or Health Services to find a career to investigate.

Using the worksheet you have been given, gather information from the following sites about the career you have chosen.

bulletCareer Zone
bulletOccupational Outlook Handbook
bulletMichigan Occupational Information System Careers by Cluster
bulletJobStar's Career Guides

Visit the sites below to find an expert in the field that you are investigating

bulletAskMe.com Science Section--This will be the best one to start with!
bulletPitsco's Ask an Expert
bulletAsk An Expert Sources--If the links above don't work for you, use this one.