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Content Area Literacy Activities

Content teachers do not have to be Reading teachers. However, in order to maximize learning of specialized subject mater, content teachers can address literacy needs to assist struggling readers master the curriculum.

How? The content area teacher recognizes the unique features of the types of text he/she uses and teaches specific strategies for accessing and comprehending the text. The content in a math book will vary greatly from a science or social studies text. Providing students an understanding of the structure of the text for the given content and multiple ways to gain meaning from it will assist struggling readers to access the content to be learned.

Explore the lessons within each content area that demonstrate effective teaching that fosters literacy while teaching core content.



Language Arts Activities
  Making Predictions, Story Sequence with Word, Inferencing, More activities...

Math Activities
  Bold Words, Word Fun with Timeliner, Word Study Computer Tag, More activities...

Science Activities
  Plant Parts, The Nine Planets, Minerals & Rocks, More activities...

Social Studies Activities
  Transactive Writing-Feature Article Style, Bold Words, Branches of Government, More activities...

Special Areas Activities
  Transactive Writing-Feature Article Style, Bold Words, Word Fun with Timeliner, More activities...