Non-Fiction Book Report Criteria

Middle/High School


Include first name and age



  • Title of book and author

  • Subject of the book

  • Catch the reader's interest


Include the following:

  • Summary of important points the author makes about the subject of the book

  • For a biography, describe some key events in the person's life.

  • Purpose of the book



Include the following:

  • The most interesting thing you learned about the book's subject.

  • How you can use what you learned

  • Did the author hold your interest?  Explain.

  • Why would you recommend this book to others?


  • Uses words correctly

  • Uses active verbs and specific nouns


  • Uses complete sentences
  • Varies sentence structure


  • Uses correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar


Make sure you have conferenced with someone on your book report.

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