The Literary Book Club has moved!

You can find the new site at    

In order to provide students and teachers with a more usable tool, we have made significant improvements to the Literary Book Club. You will still have all of the old capabilities, but now we have added so much more. The biggest change you will notice is that it is now more like a club, complete with membership. All users who wish to participate and submit must be members. Don't worry, it is still free and guests will still be able to browse submissions! Membership gives you the following privileges:

You can get to the new site at Update your Favorites.

If you need help with the new site, you can go to the Teacher Resource Page and download the instructions. You can also contact the LBC Committee or your school's Technology Resource Teacher to help you with any questions you may have. The first time you use the new book club, you should

  1. Register for the site as a teacher.
  2. Log In and create your classes.
  3. Have students register as New Students.
  4. Have students log in and click on Get Published.


This old site will be maintained for archival purposes, but you will no longer be able to submit to this site. Please use the new site. Use the links below to find submissions and resources in our archive.



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