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FCPS Curriculum Map and Framework

The FCPS Recommended Curriculum Map and Framework provides a clear scope for what must be taught to all students, based on Kentucky’s curriculum documents, and offers a basic sequence for delivering that content. 

Schools may elect to spend more or less time on content “units” based on students’ assessed academic needs, may add supplemental content to more fully develop units, and may add school-level curriculum programs (e.g. Second Steps, foreign languages, character education programs). 

While that “fine-tuning” is encouraged, however, it must be noted that schools who unilaterally opt to make significant changes (e.g., deleting content from units, moving units from one place on the curriculum map to another, etc.) run the risk of getting too far “out of sync” with other schools. This increases the risk of recreating curriculum gaps for our students. 

FCPS Curriculum Map and Framework documents are included on this site and may be downloaded for editing in Word and/or printed in Adobe .pdf format.

***These documents are currently being revised to fit the new state standards***

Developing A Focused Curriculum Models -- Social Studies

The Online Curriculum Mapping Database contains Curriculum Maps, activities and lesson plans based on Kentucky’s curriculum documents.

Search for curriculum activities in Curriculum Mapping Database.  (Available as a resource to anyone; no permission required to search.)

Enter Data into the Curriculum Mapping Database. (Only FCPS staff and faculty may enter data into the Curriculum Mapping database. Permissions to enter data are required. Contact Aaron Isaacs.)

NOTE:  To ensure you are receiving the latest updates, make sure to refresh each web page before you download documents.  How do I refresh a web page?


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