Happy, Healthy Heart

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The heart is the pump that provides our body with the power to live.  Your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body...

                                                    it needs care and attention.

In this WebQuest you will learn why it is important to have a healthy,  happy heart and what it takes to get it healthy and keep it that way.   You will also share what you've learned with others.



You are going to be discovering very important information about healthy hearts.  As you find the information be sure to record your findings on the worksheet.  When you are finished you will make a mini poster which presents the information.

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  1. Put your first and last name on your worksheet.

  2. Answer the questions on the worksheet.   You will find the answers by clicking on the Resources below.

  3. Look at your worksheet.  Find the item that has a star beside it.  That is your special fact that you will use to create a mini poster about.  Make a poster that is on a regular size piece of white typing paper.  (8.5 x 11)

  4. Be prepared to turn in your completed worksheet and poster on the next Wellness day.

  5. We will share the posters in class which will cover the answers on the worksheet.

  6. Your poster will be hung on the wall to use for teaching other classes.



Healthy Heart        

Physical  Activity and Cardiovascular Health: Fact Sheet

The Four Risk Factors

Prescription for a Healthy Heart

Questions and Answers

Pump it Up

Food Pyramid


10 Tips to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity For You

          Kids Health



When you find the information to each question be sure and write it down on your worksheet.  When you have found all of the answers to your worksheet you are ready to work offline on your poster.  Be sure to put your name on both products and turn them in on time.



On the Worksheet:

If you complete 75% of the questions correctly, you will earn the highest score:
    DM=demonstrates skill most of the time

If you complete 50-74% of the questions correctly, you will receive:
    PS=progressing with support

If you complete 49% or less of the questions correctly you will receive:
    AC=area of concern


        On the poster:

you will receive a 4  (DM) if

  • it has a title

  • is complete

  • it contains all correct information

  • it is neat and colorful

you will receive a 3 (DM) if    

  • it has a title

  • is complete

  • it contains mostly correct information

  • it is neat and colorful

you will receive a 2 (PS) if

  • it has a title

  • is complete

  • it only contains some correct information

  • only has a few colors and is not easy to read

you will receive a 1 (AC) if

  • it has no title

  • is incomplete

  • it contains little to no correct information

  • it only uses one color and is not easy to read

you will receive a 0 (AC) if you have failed to complete the assignment.

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    After you finish this Web Quest, you will have an appreciation for the most important muscle in our body.   You will also know how to maintain healthy hearts through proper nutrition and exercise.

Standards Addressed
T4.4.2    Access and navigate web sites
T4.4.2.3    Hyperlinks
T4.4.4    Use various web browsers
T4.4.4.1    To navigate the World Wide Web
T4.5       Navigate within an operating system
T4.5.1        Identify and use pointers such as arrow, hand or I-beam
T4.5.2        Use mouse (double click, right click, drag, etc.)
T4.5.3        Open, close and use application
T4.5.3.2      Scan for information within an Internet document


Created by Stephanie Adams, Wellness and Physical Education teacher, Clays Mill Elementary.