INTRODUCTION: African Americans were given their freedom from slavery after the American Civil War.  However, they did not receive their freedom from inequality and injustice until 100 years later. The Freedom Fighters helped to bring about this change.

TASK: Your task is to create a photo album of the Freedom Fighters on which you do your research.  You are to gather as much information about your freedom fighter from the Internet and other sources.  After you gather your information you are to make a PowerPoint presentation and place it in a chronological order of events which lead up to the Civil Rights Act.

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Locate and write the definitions of these words.  You and  your partner need to be prepared to explain what they words mean in  your own words.

1.  injustice

2.  inequality

3.  freedom

4.  civil rights

5.  discrimination

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PROCESS: Each team must begin your project be choosing and researching one of the Freedom Fighters below.    Find out as many facts as you can about your freedom fighter.  When you have located the facts about your freedom fighter develop a PowerPoint presentation.  In your PowerPoint presentation, you will:

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Various books from your library
Audio-visual materials

You may also visit these web sites:

Rosa Parks

Marion Anderson

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Harriet Tubman

Thurgood Marshall

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1.  Students will identify the causes of the Civil Rights Movement.

2.  Students will identify and discuss some of the leaders for civil rights.

3.  Students will gain a better understanding of the struggle for human rights.

4.  Students will explain the impact of their actions on our society.


T4.4 Locate information using the Internet

T5.2.3 Scan for relevant information

T5.3 Evaluate information from the Internet

T6.5 Create a presentation using software (PowerPoint)

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Your grade will be based on your PowerPoint presentation. 

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